Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Kaua’i Pineapple Cup


Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Kaua’i Pineapple Cup


These adorable pineapple shaped tumblers will become your favorite cup. The rounded tumbler shape feels good in your hand and the pineapple design looks just like a little Kaua’i pineapple. Double wall vacuum insulated means they will keep your drink hot or cold for hours and minimize “cup sweat”. The cute pineapple exterior with “KAUA’I” laser engraved down the side will remind you of the relaxing days spent on the beautiful garden isle.

We made our stainless steel pineapple tumblers cute so you want to use them  and avoid single-use plastic cups. We made them durable high quality stainless steel for many, many years of beautiful use. They are dishwasher safe but we have found that the colors stay much more vibrant if they are hand washed.

Millions of single-use plastic cups are thrown away each year. The majority of all the plastic ever made still exists today as only a small percentage of plastic is recycled. With the ocean always so close anywhere you go on Kauai, its important that we stop using single-use plastic straws, cups, utensils, etc. so it stops ending up in our ocean and harming our sea creatures and eventually humans too. With one small step of using your own reusable cup, you can begin to make a difference and stop the plastic tide. Read more about The Problem with Plastic.

We also offer reusable stainless steel straws that go great with these tumblers and help you avoid single-use plastic straws!


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