Rainbow Stainless Steel Straw – Long Bent “Make turtles smile Reuse this straw”


21.5 cm Long Bent Rainbow Stainless Steel Straw with 8mm diameter

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This long, bent straw is stainless steel with a beautiful Hawaiian rainbow finish. It is 21.5cm long and has a 8mm diameter. It pairs well with our pineapple cups and works well with tall tumblers or pint glasses. It comes with an easy to use stainless steel cleaning brush.

We made our straws cute so you want to use them and durable to be used over and over for many, many years. Each stainless steel straw has “Make turtles smile Reuse this straw” and a small turtle laser engraved on the side to remind the user and others around them why it’s important to refuse single-use plastic straws.

Millions of plastic straws are thrown away each year. The majority of all the plastic ever made still exists today as only a small percentage of plastic is recycled. With the ocean always so close anywhere you go on Kauai, its important that we stop using single-use plastic straws, cups, utensils, etc. so it stops ending up in our ocean and harming our sea creatures and eventually humans too. With one small step of using your own reusable straw, you can begin to make a difference and stop the plastic tide. Read more about The Problem with Plastic.

So, make a turtle smile 🙂


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