Today’s Flavors

We always have pineapple whip and one other flavor that changes every couple weeks. This week (’til June 23rd) we have Dragonfruit whip. And, we’ll be baking up our made-from-scratch Original and original waffle cones! 🤤 Stop by the sweetest Pineapple on Kaua’i for a cool treat…if you can find us 😉

pineapple slice
Pineapple Whip – Vegan (Diary-free), gluten-free, lactose-free, and has no fat or cholesterol
Dragonfruit Whip – vegan, non-dairy, lactose-free with live active yogurt cultures, gluten free, low-fat and use low glycemic fructose as a sweetener (no high fructose corn syrup!)

Fruit Juice of the Day

pineapple slice
Pineapple Juice – Just pineapple juice…that’s it.

Our Famous Cake Cone Flavors of the Day

Original Cake Cone – Crispy golden vanilla cake cone shaped like a little pineapple (contains wheat flour, eggs and milk). They’re crispy on the outside and soft cake on the inside.

Paradise Cone with Pineapple Whip and a pineapple slice

Below are examples of the many different options available but remember we only have pineapple and one other flavor available at a time. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to know when your favorite flavor is on tap. 🙂