The Problem with Plastic

We have a real global problem with plastic pollution. Search the internet for “the problem with plastic” and you can learn about the many layers of contamination plastics are creating on our planet. We won’t get into those details here but we believe that everyone should strive to use less plastic every day. It’s easy to overlook the all the roles that plastics have come to play in our daily lives. Take a moment and think about it – look around you right now and SEE all the plastic that surrounds you – grocery bags, straws, cups, lids, food wrappers, water bottles. Once you SEE the plastic being thrown away, it becomes overwhelming.

It’s a bit of an “elephant in the room” at this point.

But, conversations are starting and the more people understand the problems with plastic, the more opportunities we have to decrease the flow of plastic into our environment, and stop the damage it is causing.
We wanted to be part of the solution. We LOVE Dole Whip and wanted to share the love of our treasured treat. We also love our planet and wanted to share the knowledge about how everyday changes can make a difference in “the problem with plastic.”

Pineapple in Paradise was born.

We put together our unique spin on Dole Whip with our cake-like specialty cones that are shaped like little pineapples and a no single-use plastic policy. We offer Dole Whip cones served with only minimal recyclable paper wrappings (available but not necessary). Plus all of our other menu items are available in reusable stainless steel or glass cups.

It is our hope that visitors to Pineapple in Paradise will leave with a sweet smile and a new understanding about the problem with plastic. The information we give is just the tip of the plastic-berg. Our heartfelt wish is that our visitors go home with just a few of the tools they need to start minimizing their use of plastics everyday: reusable cups, straws, spoons and bags (that are cute enough that you want to take them with you).
Here are three changes universally accepted as the easiest, most impactful ways that individuals can make in their daily life and help cut down on the most offensive waste:

~start using durable, reusable shopping bags
~start using reusable cups, straws and utensils
~stop accepting single-use plastic bags, straws, cups, lids and disposable packaging

Our products have been designed to help with each of these actions, attractive enough that people will want to continue using them (that is half the battle), durable enough to last many uses and with little visual or written reminders why it’s important to use them.

Stop by the Pineapple Truck and let us know what you think or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and pass the word…the more people that take action the better off we all will be in the future.

About Us

Pineapple in Paradise is a food truck operating on the island of Kauai, Hawaii offering eco-friendly cool treats while educating visitors and locals about the issues with plastic waste steams on our little island and the impacts individuals have on our island and the Pacific garbage patch.

Pineapple in Paradise offers education and products that align with the no plastic and reuse ideas that can help minimize and encourage the fight to help save our planet from “the problem with plastic.”

Pineapple in Paradise offers our unique spin on Dole Whip with our cake-like specialty cones that are shaped like little pineapples and a no single-use plastic policy. We offers dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan sorbet style soft serve in either a pineapple shaped cake cone or a reusable glass or stainless steel cup. We have only 100% biodegradable/recyclable paper products, edible cones, reusable cups and utensils. We show simple, meaningful, visual motivation for visitors to make the eco-friendly changes in their lives with products to help start the journey. Visitors to Pineapple in Paradise can get a cool, sweet treat, a memento to remember their time on Kauai, and a good feeling about their eco-friendly decision. Pineapple in Paradise hopes, with awareness/education, customers will make small changes in their single-use plastic consumption in the future.

The mementos visitors take home could lead to more conversations about the problems with single use plastics and more actions towards long term decreases in single-use plastic. Pineapple in Paradise products are all durable and made of recycled, recyclable materials and/or durable materials designed to be used for many years.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page or message us on Facebook to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Better yet, join the Pineapple Posse and keep track of what’s happening in the pineapple. 🙂